All India Motor Transport Congress

AIMTC Functioning

  1. To promote the interests of and to generally help the persons engaged in the business of Motor Transport, by eliminating unfair competition and finding ways and means of improving their services.
  2. To acquire and disseminate knowledge about the working of Motor Transport in other countries and induce the members to raise their standard of services.
  3. To impart upto-date scientific knowledge about the working of automobiles and make available the results of scientific research carried on in other countries about the use of fuel, lubricants, etc.
  4. To represent to the government and other authorities for the construction, maintenance and improvement of motorable roads and bridges, waiting rooms, parking places, etc. in the country.
  5. To discuss, support, oppose any legislative or executive measures by all legitimate and constitutional means, which may affect or is likely to affect the Motor Transport Trade.
  6. To safeguard and defend all lawful and legitimate rights and privileges of persons engaged in the business of Motor Transport and trade.
  7. To take up, consider, discuss and push forward the viewpoints of Motor Transport Trade on any question generally affecting the trade by organizing, promoting, attending conferences, lectures, demonstrations or other useful functions.
  8. To carry on propaganda in the media by contributing articles or advertising by cinema slides, posters or hand bills to popularize Motor Transport and to publish official organs, for the purpose.
  9. To represent officially the views of Motor Transport and Trade to respective governments and other Local Authorities, Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations or any other public or private bodies and to nominate representatives to serve on committee appointed by the government, legislative bodies or some other agencies.
  10. Organize camps for eyesight testing of drivers and impart knowledge to them about road safety, fuel conservation, etc. on its own or in collaboration with others and or non-governmental agencies and disseminate health information amongst drivers.
  11. To prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS among drivers.